Sarah Palin, Super Woman?

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Former Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin made appearance in a rally in Cass County, MO to endorse Missouri Senate candidate Sarah Steelman; and she was wearing a superman tee.  

Apparently ditching a suit for the super-tee isn’t completely out of left field, as Steelman has created a Superman-themed campaign to win her seat. But this is where Palin loses the fashion battle. The tee does nothing for her and looks horribly, embarrassingly tacky.  It’s tight fitting and not clearly campaign gear without Steelman’s name or even the name of the race or year.

To top off the look Palin wore tight black capris and very high heeled strappy shoes, 5-inches reportedly. Gawker’s Fashion Correspondent, Fake Michael Kors, chimed in noting that “She looks like she got all dressed up to order white wine in the back of an airplane.”

It’s sad but true. Palin can’t even be on the same playing field as Michelle Obama. One is class and the other, well, is dressing quite trailer park trash.

On a serious note, while Palin ends up on the wrost-dressed list this week, the outfit and bold choice could indicate that Palin might be gunning for the 2016 Presidential nomination already. We shall wait and see what she pulls out of her closet next. 

Allie Montgomery

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