Say No Top Tap Water! Use Water Filter For a Healthy Living

Why should you buy a water filter? What’s wrong with tap water? To answer these questions in order, you should buy a water filter because of the contaminants that can get into your water supply and if you want to ensure the good health of yourself and your family, you should invest in a water filter. For the second question, “What’s wrong with tap water?” the answer is, not much when it first leaves the treatment plant. The addition of chemicals in limited quantities is subject to debate, regarding health implications. However, the water that leaves the treatment plant and the water that arrives through your tap are two very different things, which can be due to the state of the water pipes it travels through on the way.

Tap water can contain a range of contaminants from a number of sources and some of these contaminants can have an adverse effect on the look, smell and taste of your drinking water. Moreover, some of them can have, potentially, more harmful effects on your health and appliances. These include, but are not limited to, environmental contaminants, pesticides, herbicides, calcium, magnesium, copper, lead and chlorine resistant parasites. Most contaminants leech into the groundwater but some water pipes that are used to supply treated water to New Zealand households are seventy plus years old and dirt, rust, slime, sand and mud can build up for a number of years. Your local authority is required to treat your water supply with a range of chemicals in order to comply with the relevant regulations and these can include chlorine, fluoride and aluminium.

A water filter provides filtered water straight from you mixer tap and will provide clean, clear, great tasting water through the latest water filtration technology. This will eliminate the need to buy expensive bottled water. Growing cynicism about the excessive cost of bottled water, combined with increasing concern over water safety and the environmental impact caused by manufacturing and drinking bottled water have made home water filters increasingly popular. The cost of an at-home water filtration system is only $0.01 per litre of impurity-free drinking water compared to an average rate of $2.53 a litre for bottled water and, importantly,  home filters do not produce the environmental waste single-serve bottled water does.

 So, in considering the overall health of you and your family, drinking water straight from the tap is probably no longer an option, and bottled water has become very expensive, so a water filter system is increasingly looking like the way to go. 

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