Scandinavian Simplicity: 2013 Kitchen Design Trend

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One of the key design trends for kitchens in 2013 is ‘Scandinavian simplicity’; it’s an interior design trend we’ve all seen before, one that has been appreciated by the more forward-thinking homeowners who have a little money behind them to create a convincing work of art, and it’s back this year with a bigger influence in kitchen  design.


The Scandinavian look is simple. But contrary to what many might be led to believe, it doesn’t have to be cold and sterile. It can be very homely and comfortable; it’s just about striking the right balance with minimalism and natural designs.


Scandinavian Meets Romance


One of the more popular angles taken in 2013/14 is to create a Scandinavian look that looks and feels more feminine than it previously has done before. Achieiving this look in the kitchen requires a good mix of simple shapes, clean colours, soft lines and a touch of depth or warmth.


So swap slick chrome for warm brass, replace marble with natural looking oak and add some family touches to your kitchen. Use splashes of colour, add fun fabrics and treat your simple Scandinavian kitchen as a blank canvas that is forever changeable. 


The All White Kitchen


When you think of a Scandinavian kitchen, you automatically think of an all white design. This is the well known ‘Scandinavian’ look. But you can achieve the same kind of feel with darker colours; if you choose to use dark shades in your kitchen, combine with simple lines and minimal decor features.


The key to Scandinavian kitchen design is to be ergonically slick. This means you have to plan for an organised kitchen with space for everything you need. So practicality still needs to be the first priority.

A great way to keep everything tucked away out of sight is to have a comprehensive storage solution which keeps everything ergonomically organised. This basic rule will allow you to choose a range of colours to work with, not just white, though the all white look is still the most popular way of getting the look and feel of Scandinavia.


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