Scent Sensation or Fragrance Flop?

Providence Perfume Company

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There's an old saying that says if you want something done right, do it yourself. Charma Ethier's Providence Perfume Company is letting you do just that, but it begs the question, is the average person qualified to recognize a good fragrance from a bad? We all have our tastes, and I'm all for a surge of new fragrances, custom made by previously undiscovered scent makers... but will this be a revolution, or just a flop full of awfully balanced, poorly formulated fragrances?


Most women love perfume but find it difficult to find the exact scent that's right for them. Charna Ethier's shop, Providence Perfume Company has not only given rise to Charna's personal dream of creating beautiful perfumes, but she will actually help you create your own! First a little background:


Charna is a self-described “child of a hippie parents”. She grew up in verdant farmlands in New England which grew her adult passion for botanicals that could replicate the fragrances of her country youth. We're talking vibrant lilacs, lush green grasses, and maple sap–not the stuff of today's luxury perfumes with designer labels and hefty price tags. (Read More)


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