"Scentography" Camera is a Fragrance Revolution

The Scentograph


If you haven't heard of the scentography camera, don't worry, you will. Boasting an ingenious device said to be able to capture scent like a camera captures light, if Amy Radcliffe's brilliant invention works as advertised, it will mean a revolution in the fragrance industry and a wave of opportunity. After all, think of all the applications this new technology could have.

A new camera has been developed that can capture the whiff of your first pet or the smell of the seaside holiday.


Designer Amy Radcliffe's MA project at Central Saint Martins set out to bring a more meaningful sensory dimension to storing our favourite memories.


What if you could recapture the aroma of that freshly baked birthday cake or the scent of the wild flowers in that Alpine meadow on your last holiday? Or maybe you would choose to recall the musky pong of your first pet, or the comforting whiff of that shampoo your girlfriend used to use? (Read More)


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