Search Engine Optimisation And The Disavow Tool

With the recent release of the disavow tool, many in the industry of search engine optimisation are looking to figure out if it is a good or a bad tool, which will in turn harm the SEO efforts or help websites hit by recent search engine changes.

Essentially the reason why this tool was released is because most websites which were affected by recent changes are unable to get backlinks removed from the external websites that they used for SEO purposes.

This tool is essentially a life line for those who depended heavily on search traffic to make ends meat.

If Google can identify that the website legitimately can't remove these links and they are deemed to be spam, it will stop counting these towards your efforts.

It should be noted that only those affected should use this, otherwise it can severly hurt search engine rankings if used innapropraitely.

Nick Grinberg of an SEO Company in Australia, that link removal is becoming just as popular as SEO.

As stated many webmasters, especially those in luxury brands and retail that have high search traffic, to handle with care, otherwise the tool can do more harm than good.

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