Search Engine Optimisation Is A Must For Designer Brands

Search engine optimisation otherwise known as SEO is do or die for retailers now, Australia is a clear example, shopping precints which were on weekends full of people now are at half of last years sales.

The reason being is the purchasing powers of consumers have moved completely online, why would someone buy something in store which is half price online?

The first port of call for anyone searching online is Google, they will search for a keyword and select a website to purchase, most likely those sites are doing some form on search engine optimisation.

Since the majority of people will use the search engine it is effectively like having a store in the best location in every capital city.

The monthly cost attributed to SEO when looked at this angle as a retail store in every city is definately worth while and more affordable than the rent of a store.

If companies want to keep up with profits from last year than it is best that they look into ranking on the first page of the search engines.

The reason why retail companies is taking a hit versus online is not only because of price it is also because when it comes to online visibility these brands are absolutely nowhere in Google, it is important that they put the search engine thinking cap on and start improving rankings, otherwise these online stores which are dominating will continue to do so.

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