Searching for Good Watches Around $250


One of the best pieces of advice concerning watches is to simply pick it up and feel the immediate quality of the timepiece. If it feels cheap or flimsy, it is. Beyond that, aesthetic preferences should drive your decision, and at $250 you should be going for a quartz-timed watch. 


A man needs a watch, but most of us can’t justify taking out a second mortgage to finance our horological investments. Lucky for you, we've created a series of guides to help you get the most watch for your money. Whether you have a $250, $500, $1,000 or $1,500 to spend, we've got you covered. In this installment, we're looking at watches for the tightest budget.

You’re looking for a watch, and you’ve got $250 to spend. What can you expect for your hard-earned green? There are a lot of great watches to be found in this range, but there are definitely specific features you need to look for. Read More

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