Selena Gomez Face of New Adidas Campaign

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Though Selena Gomez doesn't consider herself as a key player in the fashion world, Adidas seems to think she's got what it takes to be the front of their new Neo label. One of the key aspects of the campaign will have her using social networking sites to tell her fans what's new and hot from the label, so following or liking one of her pages will likely be a great way to stay up on Adidas, if you're a fan.


While Selena Gomez recently admitted to still feeling like an “underdog” in the world of fashion, an LA Times article revealed this Wednesday, Nov. 21, that the talented star has just been signed on to represent the Neo label for Adidas for the next three years as their “fashion style icon.”

Selena Gomez was confirmed this Tuesday that despite any relationship breakup or back together drama with Justin Bieber, she stands strong in the public spotlight as the new label for Adidas Neo from 2012 to 2015. First unveiled this Tuesday, Selena will act as a tagger of sorts for getting the brand back on the global map as a world icon of style and design, reported the initial news release. Read More

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