Seven Bucket List Sites We Should All See Before We Die

While this list isn’t an end-all, be-all guide to wonders of the world (even though a lot of the things on here are, well, wonders of the world), it should stand as a great reference point to those looking to take a vacation but are not quite sure where they should be heading on their next trip. Each of the following spots offer something fun, unique and conversation worthy, making them places that should be on all of our “bucket” lists.


The Great Pyramids - Stand in awe of the engineering prowess of ancient Egyptians at these world-famous structures built through sheer manpower and archaic ingenuity.


The Nile River - The cradle of civilization, the Nile River is an exceptional geographical feature that is deserving of at least a toe dip to put into perspective the surroundings of ancient men. Bonus: This can be done on the same vacation to Egypt as going to the Great Pyramids.


The Smithsonian Museum - As the world’s largest museum, the Smithsonian is chock full of amazing artifacts, relics and exhibits prepared to leave you in awe of science, mankind and our determined spirit to progress.


Chichen Itza - Another truly marvelous spectacle of the power of human persistence and intelligence, the site of Chichen Itza is a short bus ride from Cancun and has ruins of the whole city that once was.


Great Wall of China - Walking along this ancient Chinese site is something that seems to be on everyone’s bucket list already. Finally take the time for yourself and enjoy this massive defensive wall built centuries ago.


The Grand Canyon - The name of this breathtaking canyon nails it right on the head; it truly is a grand sight to behold. Unimaginably large, the Grand Canyon is something that needs to be experienced to truly understand the span of this geographical feature; pictures just don’t do it justice.


Mall of America - Containing more stores than any other mall in the United States, the Mall of America also has rides and attractions unlike any other shopping destination in the country. There is, quite literally, something for everyone there.

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