Sexy Styles For This Winter

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Just because the weather is changing and outfits are rotating, doesn’t mean you have to hang up sexy looks in exchange for huge wool sweaters. This season, spice up your professional day to evening looks with a few simple, hot and affordable fashion tips!

All Red Ahead

Something about incorporating red into outfits is such a turn on. But if you wear too much of it, layer too many colors or simply dress in head-to-toe in red, please note you’ve overdone it. Simplicity is key to adding a splash of this color palette to your attire. If you’re apprehensive about what color to wear or how to wear it, start by wearing a lovely red lipstick that compliments your skin tone or go for a dark red nail polish. Bear in mind this color will linger and might even turn some heads as it is an especially bold and memorable color to wear.

Dress Up with a Tuxedo Jacket

While some of us are audacious enough to wear skirts and dresses, some of us are hesitant and want to keep as warm and stylish as possible! Tuxedo jackets are the fashion of this season and the perfect answer to finding a beautiful happy medium. Since the jacket is light, airy and feminine with a touch of testosterone, you can jazz up skinny jeans or slacks for a lovely time out. The best part about this item is you can stick to classic black, sharp white or add a splash of flamboyant color.

Let’s Mix

From New York to LA and across the globe, color mixing and hue experimenting is the latest winter craze just make sure not to overdue it. Effectively pairing and mixing color takes some adjusting to although well worth it. Think of yourself as a blank canvas. What’s your look? Polished and neat? Abstract and funky? Maybe a combination of polished, abstract and professional? Whatever look you want to master, mix it well. Pick a complimentary color such dark plum purple skinny jeans and add a splash of color with a pink soft top. If you’re uncomfortable with mixing colors, start small and simple with accessories or alternate nail polish colors on your fingers. Get creative and mix it up!

Thigh High

Let’s face it - girls love to flaunt favored body parts, especially legs. Yes, even in the freezing cold weather. Wearing cozy skinny jeans, leggings, leg warmers, jeans, etc. can really shine your toned legs but try incorporating some really lean and fine-looking thigh high boots. Picking out boots is a careful process so make sure you’re feeling completely comfortable sporting around such a desired shoe. Thigh High boots come in many shapes, sizes and heights so opt for a boot that is versatile offering plenty of fashionable options.

Black Doesn’t Mean Vampire

If you’re someone that definitely cannot add splashes of color here and there, don’t worry, black is still in style. However, make sure you add playful patterns and textures to help avoid looking like you have the winter blues. A stunning way to layer and mix black is to include feathers (such as earrings), leather, furs or perhaps an endearing fedora.

Dare to Bare

Layering is another fabulous highlight of the season so before tucking away that fabulous maxi-skirt, have some fun. Successfully transform a short or long maxi-dress into a winter look in a matter of minutes by pairing it with a light tight sweater or body suite paired with a cropped jacket or cute fuzzy sweater. Remember to keep in mind the textures; colors and patterns so you’re outfit flows nicely.

Lora is a fashion and beauty writer with a strong passion for traveling extensively. 

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