Shine Right with Glitter on New Year's Eve

Maryam M via Beautylish

New Year's Eve is one of two days out of the year where going all out in flashy style is completely acceptable, Halloween being the other, of course. Here are some ideas for glitter that you can use to (literally) shine like a star and celebrate New Year's in a bit more extravagant a style than you normally may.


New Year's Eve outings are fast-approaching, and we're not saying a high-shine look is mandatory, but it sure is the best time of the year to go bold. We showed you four ways to master glitter makeup, and now our community is a shining showcase of the year-end's sparkling possibilities. Do you douse your inner corner with a little glimmer like Kristiana, Holly, and Joanna? Or maybe Maryam's glitter double liner is the way to go? If you're feeling futuristic already, skip the cocktails and watch the ball drop with Michty's prisma pout. Read More

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