Should Tesla Move Toward Flying Cars?

Tesla Showroom in New York

Shannon Stapleton/REUTERS

I would say that this article is proof that although investors can make good decisions in what companies to put their money into, that doesn’t always translate over to having good ideas. I’m fairly certain a flying car would not only be a bad idea as far as consumer products are concerned but they would face such a massive battle against the FAA that getting permission to actually fly a car-plane would be nearly impossible, considering all the other people who would be trying to do the same thing as well. 


An investor in Tesla Motors Inc thinks it may be time for big competitors of the electric car maker to admit defeat on their electric models and focus on the next technological leap, perhaps flying cars.

While electric cars are a small percentage of overall sales, more automakers are making them, following General Motors Co's Chevrolet Volt plug-in hybrid and Nissan Motor Co's all-electric Leaf. Tesla started with a high-priced electric roadster that it is phasing out. It recently launched a more mainstream Model S sedan. Read More


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