Tips To Selecting Your Bridesmaid Dresses

Selecting dresses for your bridesmaids can be an exciting part of planning your wedding. The more bridesmaids you have the harder it will be to find dresses for anyone. Here are some tips on selecting your bridesmaid dresses.

Give Your Bridesmaids Breathing Room

When it comes to bridesmaid dresses don?t demand your bridesmaids wear whatever dress you want. Giving them choices when it comes to their dresses will make for a much less stressful experience. If your bridesmaids each choose a different dress, as long as all the dresses are the same colour or are made of the same material, they will look like a matching bridal party. This allows everyone to wear a dress that they feel comfortable in and will be happy to wear.

Place Your Maid Of Honor In Charge

Your other bridesmaids may be more willing to give the maid of honour their honest opinions about potential dresses than they are to share those opinions with you. Putting your maid of honour in charge of the dresses takes some of the pressure off of you. Just try to avoid getting upset if your maid of honour tells you your bridesmaids are not happy with their dress choices.

Consider Department Stores

If you obtain your bridesmaid dresses from a bridal store chances are all your bridesmaids will end up wearing the same dress. This can be a problem if your bridesmaids vary greatly in size. Sometimes an easier option is to shop in department stores for matching cocktail dresses for your bridesmaids. Many times this allows your bridesmaids to choose a flattering colour for themselves. Bridesmaid dresses in bridal shops tend to provide you with fewer colour selections. The diversity of most department stores will give your bridesmaids much more freedom in selecting their dresses.

Keep Your Wedding Theme In Mind

You want your bridesmaids? dresses to reflect the theme of your wedding. They will want casual dresses if it is a beach wedding and country style dresses if that is the type of wedding you are having. The more obscure your wedding theme is, the harder it will be to find dresses that match that theme. For an old fashioned wedding, your bridesmaids would probably have the best luck shopping for their dresses at a vintage clothing store.

To some extent, the theme of your wedding will dictate where the best place is to shop for bridesmaid dresses. If the theme is a Central Park wedding the bridesmaid dresses should come from an upscale store. If the theme is a backyard wedding, a thrift store or discount store would probably be a better option.


If you want to purchase bridesmaid dresses online or even just browse through dresses in general, you can visit DressFirst, an online retailer that carries a wide selection of beautiful dresses. Here you will find something that your bridesmaids will love and that they will be happy to own and wear for many years to come.

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