Skin Tight Maternity Wear?

Berry's Maternity Wear


Perhaps I'm still scarred from the trauma known as Kim Kardashian's maternity wear, but I'm just not ready to accept Halle Berry in a skin-tight maternity dress. Don't get me wrong, pregnancy is beautiful and she's smart enough to use a pattern that distracts the eye from her otherwise obvious bulge, but is there really a reason to wear something that emphasizes your shape when your body is beginning to balloon?

Halle Berry has more than just the gift of delivering Oscar-winning acting performances.


The 46-year-old star has continually managed to look stunning throughout her second pregnancy.


As she took a stroll in Culver City on Friday, the actress slipped into a daring striped maxidress.

But where some women would fear the curve-enchancing effects of stripes, Halle bravely took on the challenge.


The electric blue dress wrapped around her ever-growing bump in a flattering manner.


Making it clear that she isn't gaining weight elsewhere, the Monster's Ball star bared her thin, toned arms. (Read More)


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