Skyfall James Bond Charcoal Suit for Christmas Party Ideas

Formal suiting remains evergreen, and despite numerous trials, no other clothing has ever surpassed the formal suiting in offering the men dignity, composure and glide! Hollywood’s blockbuster – Skyfall showed up Daniel Craig reprising the role as James Bond carrying formal suiting and one of those suits was a Charcoal Stripe Suit, which made a bouncy entrance in the fashion world. The Skyfall Charcoal Stripe Suit is nothing but is synonymous to poise, supremacy and pure awesomeness. The slog of its designer is evident from every cut of this suit and it is something, which is simply worth-admiring. The Skyfall James Bond Charcoal Stripe Suit is bound to flatter your individuality by making you look one in a million!

Featuring an exterior made of the highest quality wool fabric with charcoal stripe over it giving it an awe-inspiring appearance. The coat is headed by a petite narrow collar with broad shoulders making you look urbanely shaped. The single breast three button closure of the coat bestows the coat with lofty style packed with kudos and high-reputation. The welt pocket planted at the chest coupled with two flapped pockets at the waist make it convenient to carry the accessories with style! Coupled with the coat is a pair of flat-front trousers not only making it cozy and comfy to carry the coat! The narrow style trousers exert a powerful impact over the viewers while slanting-over-the-shoes style of the cuffs calls of perfection and beatitude.

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