Snooki launches "Fashion You Can Hear"

Snooki's New Line

Image courtesy Getty Images

Snooki's "fashion you can hear" has come in the form of headphones ad electronicperipheralsmasked as fashionable accessories in an example of Fashion 2.0 that works. Ranging from simple, ornate headphones to full blown, outfit crowning masterpieces, Snooki's collection isn't exactly innovative, but it's certainly a welcome addition to the fashion industry.


Snooki may be juggling her own TV show with newfound motherhood, but that hasn't stopped the mini mogul from expanding her ever-growing Snooki Couture by Nicole Polizzi collection of jewelry, tanning lotion, sunglasses, slippers and (literally) everything in between. This time around, Snooki makes her mark in the tech arena with decked-out headphones and electronic accessories. You might remember peeping these bad boys at her CES product launch earlier this year, but we are SO stoked to announce that they'll officially be available to purchase at Walgreens nationwide starting September 2014. (Read More)

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