Soaking in Style: 7 Luxurious Bathtubs to Add to Your Bathroom


Nothing beats filling a bathtub with hot water, lighting some candles, and soaking away until your mind and body are completely relaxed – a glass of wine doesn’t hurt, either. If you’re in the market for a luxurious bathtub, consider any one of the following seven options that are sure to satisfy your needs.

Watch Your Favorite Movie in the Royal A512 Whirlpool Bathtub

This fully loaded bathtub includes a water jet massage, air jet massage, heat pump, and even a water-proof LCD screen that you can hook up to your DVD player. The tub also has a computerized control panel, where you can turn on the FM radio or play a CD if you have an external stereo hooked up to it. If the clear color of water isn’t enough to stimulate you, you can use the underwater chemotherapy lighting system to change the water’s color for a more relaxed effect.

Listen to Your Favorite Tunes in the Jacuzzi J400 Hot Tub

If watching TV in your tub isn’t your definition of relaxing, then perhaps playing some tunes directly from your iPod is. This hot tub is compatible with your Apple device, allowing you to enjoy your playlists while soothing your mind and body during a hydrotherapeutic session. The Jacuzzi J400 also features an elevated waterfall, plenty of massage options, adjustable pillows, four waterproof speakers, an AM-FM radio, a CD player, and a conveniently designed floating remote control.

Feel Like Royalty in the Jacuzzi Morphosis Sigma Bathtub

If you don’t need all the technological gadgets in your bathtub to keep you occupied, then this luxurious tub is the perfect solution for your spa needs. Not only does it come equipped with rotating microjets that give you a relaxing back massage, but it has radio and loudspeakers so that you can fall into a trance while listening to your favorite tunes. One of the best features of this bathtub is its distinct design, with a unique arch above it. It also includes lights that add to its magical appearance.

Splash in the Bubbles in the Bazen AT-56TV Bathtub

This bathtub has a grey reflective finish with a green light that circles the base of the tub, making it more distinguishable than any of the other tubs on this list. Aside from its aesthetic appeal, the tub has a range of multimedia features like an integrated DVD player, an LCD display, a TV tuner, an FM radio, a digital thermostat, and a variety of bubble massage options. You can find the tub’s waterproof controls along the edges of it, so you don’t have to worry about fumbling the remote into the water.

Make Room for Two in the Luxor HydroMassage Bathtub

Getting cozy with your significant other is as easy as filling up the tub with water in this spacious bathtub. Like the others, it comes equipped with adjustable massage jets. With the 14-inch LCD screen, you can watch anything from a DVD to Netflix (with the right device hooked up) while easing your stress in some suds. In addition, the tub includes a fluorescent underwater light, adjustable water jets, built-in body wash and shampoo dispensers, and a super bass connection.

Turn Your Tub Into a Theater with the Catalina Spa

Yes, that’s right, this spa features a 61-inch Plasma TV that’s perfect if you want to share you’re a piece of your luxurious with a few friends – 11, to be exact. The inside of the tub is white opal; the outside of it comes in a PVC bronze leather. The spa also features 68 adjustable massage jets, a Trevi waterfall, and a waterproof remote. In midst of the 850 gallons that it holds, the spa also has a unique fiber-optic lighting system to set the perfect mood when you’re enjoying a weekend movie night.

Soak Solo in the Rosebud Bathtub

This bathtub is compact, making it perfect for anyone who wants to relax alone. Unlike the other bathtubs and spas on this list, the Rosebud is simple and sophisticated as it doesn’t include gadgets that distract you from doing the one thing it’s meant to help you do: relax. Since it comes in white, almost any shower curtain from JCP  will work well in helping you keep your privacy. 

Any one of these luxury bathtubs will help you flush out your stress. Try one today! 

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