South Sea Pearls - The Ultimate in Luxury Jewellery


Pearls are synonymous with all things luxurious and few varieties of pearl jewellery typify this better than that of South Sea pearls – which are amongst the largest varieties of pearls on the market and, as the saying goes, they are reassuringly expensive.

If you’re after some breath taking pearls over the next few months and money is no object, you should certainly be turning your attention to some of the incredible examples of South Sea pearls witnessed below:

White South Sea Oval Pearl Necklace with 18ct Yellow Gold Clasp

Wearing pearls has the unique capacity to elevate any outfit to the upper echelons of style and this is particularly true of an understated pearl necklace such as the beautiful South Sea pearl necklace above. It has many characteristics that set it apart from the crowd including:

· 31 Oval Shaped Pearls Measuring Between 12 and 15.5mm in Diameter

· Soft, Silky Lustre

· 18ct Yellow Gold Spring Clasp

· Ideal for Any Occasion

If you’re after something a little more demure than the necklace above, a pair of South Sea pearl earrings may be more up your fashion street and, luckily, there are many stunning examples to choose from – such as they luxurious pearl earrings witnessed below:

Gold South Sea Pearl Stud Earrings with 18ct Yellow Gold

Luxurious and elegant in equal measure, the South Sea stud pearl earrings above are a highly impressive example of just how breath taking this variety of gold pearls can be. Boasting a natural gold colouration, they are a highly striking addition to any fashionistas wardrobe and some of the main characteristics of these bold and elegant South Sea pearl earrings include:

· 10.5mm Pearls

· Light Gold Colour

· Produced by Pinctada Maxima Oyster

· Stunning Silky Lustre

· Great for Blonde and Brown Hair Types

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