Spruce Up your Living Room with a Fun Window

Given that the housing market is still in a slump, more people are deciding to renovate their home rather than upgrading to a larger home. The state of the current economy is also leading people to spend more time entertaining and relaxing at home in an effort to save money. This means that having a home that you enjoy spending time in is more important than ever.The heart of most homes is the living room. This is where the family gathers and where friends are entertained. Serving as the room that is often the center of the house upgrading this area can often add value to the price of your home. The most important reason for remodeling the living room however, is for your family’s enjoyment. A great way to create a warm and inviting living room is by adding windows. Installing specialty windows not only brightens up the room but makes it feel larger. As there are a number of styles of fun specialty windows available, several types can be used together to create a decorative appearance that changes the entire look of the room. Consider one or more of the following windows when planning how best to remodel your living room.

Bay Windows – These windows can be used in living rooms to expand the sense of space and brighten the area. These windows usually come with three panels that curve outward from the home. While the deep shelf is often used for plants, with some cushions it could serve as a comfortable window seat perfect for reading.

Bow Windows – Bow Windows are similar to Bay Windows but comes in four or more panels to form a gentler, longer curve, providing more window area.

Garden Windows – These are also similar to Bay Windows, though are shaped to capture sunlight by utilizing glass on all sides. Many come with shelves and can be used to add an indoor garden to your living room.

Casement Windows – Casement Windows swing outward similar to a door and are used for ventilation. They are often incorporated in Bay, Bow and Garden Windows. If you’re looking to remodel your living room and make it into an area that’s comfortable, practical and filled with light and warmth, consider adding one of the styles of windows. Often a single additional window is enough to change the entire appearance of the space.

Jack Cage

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