Start planning immediately to turn your new property into a home.

When we arrange viewings for potential new flats or houses, we often see them looking at their best as they are completely furnished with the current tenants’ belongings. Once we have signed the contract and turned up to move in, we are met with an empty shell of a property and it could not look less like a home. This blog will provide you with some great ideas about how to turn this empty shell of a house into your perfect home immediately.

The best way to start the process is to plan immediately. Always arrange a second, longer viewing for the property. Once you arrive at the house, you should ask for some time alone so that you can begin to measure the rooms and take notes. This way, once you agree to take the property, you have everything you need to plan your move properly.

As a general rule, even if a property is available for sale immediately it takes at least 3-4 weeks to sort out contracts and sign for the property. During this time, you can arrange what you are taking from your property and decide what else you may need to buy.

Due to the fact that you have measured the rooms, you can be certain of what will fit in your new place. Many new homeowners make the mistake of not measuring. This leads to uncertainty about whether items will fit and, as a result, you cannot buy before you move in, thus delaying the process.

Furniture is usually the item that causes the most problems. This is due to the fact that furniture is large and bulky. For this reason, it is often not a sensible decision to transport it; particularly if you are moving over a long distance.

When buying furniture, we must always consider it in the context of the room that it will sit in. This includes both the size of the furniture and the material that it is made from. For me, oak is timeless and blends into almost any room. If you are interested in oak furniture, I would recommend Top Furniture as they have a large variety of oak furniture in a variety of sizes. Check them out to see what you can afford in your budget, as well as what can fit in your room! Remember, order in advance and your house can start looking like a home from almost the second you move in.


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