Suicide, Adjectives and the Rubber Ball

Jennifer Martinez

It wasn’t a bad day. It was a day like any other packed with work, the normal rituals of life, and a little drama to spice things up. Yet, by 4:30 pm it was beginning to unravel, and by the time the day was finished, my brilliant son, so full of hope and promise, passion and laughter, would have quietly walked into his room, retrieved his side arm from his safe, stepped outside into the yard, and shot himself.

Somewhere a pebble dropped and the water began to gently ripple out. Those ripples would miss no one. Leave no one untouched, unscathed.

Mathew’s life was over. So was mine. But I didn’t know it yet.

So begins one mother’s story into the world of coping, surviving and rebuilding her life after the suicide of her son. Told through her words, this memoir discusses the grief of a mother dealing with the suicide of her son.

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