Surviving and Thriving at San Diego Comic-Con

Attending San Diego Comic-Con can be a rite of passage for geeks of all stripes. But with regular attendance well over 130,000 according to the San Diego Union-Tribune, it is easy to become overwhelmed. With a nearly encyclopedic selection of events and panels and a vast array of vendors, there’s much to do and much to see, and you want to make the best of your time doing both. To do that, here are a few things you should consider.

Organization is Your Friend
Download or print out the schedule beforehand. Spend some time picking out the things you must do (and a few back-ups that seem like they would be fun too). Block out time around those must-do events to make sure you can arrive with plenty of time to spare, and bring sometime small and portable with you to pass the time while waiting. If you want to be sociable, try bringing a card game.

You Have to Crash Sometime
Despite what you may think, you will have to sleep eventually. And to avoid feeling ill or irritable, you want to get about as much sleep as you do normally. Unfortunately, downtown San Diego hotels are often booked as many as six months in advance of this convention. Your best option is to be proactive in your planning and make sure you are one of the people doing that booking. Failing that, you will either have to go farther afield (which means longer travel times) or look for friends or family in the area you can stay with. Remember that vacation rentals and camping (yes, that thing with a tent or RV) are also possibilities.

Feeding the Body
Like sleep, food is another necessity. If you can, take advantage of your San Diego hotels breakfast options. Pick up snacks (or, if you’re being particularly frugal, wrap up a roll from breakfast) on your way to the convention center. Make sure to bring a water bottle with you, and try to keep it filled. When you are working out your schedule, plan on dinner. If you are going out, make reservations early, and try to eat earlier or later than usual to minimize crowds. You can also keep food in a refrigerator (or cooler) at your San Diego hotels room and rely on a later meal there.

While you do want to try to keep your schedule as regular as possible, don’t worry if it doesn’t go perfectly. Use that downtime waiting or on public transport to revise. Remember that the reason for planning ahead is to make less stress, not more.

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