Tanzania Safari: Truly A God's Creation

The best places on Earth are the places preserved from the time God created them. Tanzania is one such place created by God and preserved by Humans till date. An attempt has been made to keep the wonders of Tanzania’s natural beauty intact in a way that it asserts to have come right away from hands of the Creator.

The beauty of Tanzania is unrivalled and the resources it showcases are vast. It is simply recognized as a land of majestic marvels. The wildlife sanctuaries here are fresh and well-maintained. Diverse species of wildlife roam about in its area that serves the real intention of its creation. The wildlife here is free to flourish at its own pace and own fashion. Thus it is no surprise why Tanzania safari is known as the best game viewing trip in the world.

Apart from game viewing, you can encounter great get together of wildlife habitats as well as ecosystems in Tanzania safari. This is a spectacular vision one can have in his or her life. The most commonly known route to enter towards safari of Tanzania is the Northern Circuit. This route covers Ngorongoro as well as Serengeti. These are the two appealing regions for the lovers of nature and wildlife. Besides these, sanctuaries like Tarangire, Lake Manyara and Arusha also have the same sparkling view as the two in the eyes of each tourist. The embodiment of these makes Tanzania Safari a mesmerizing one to view congregated haven of wildlife.

Tanzania houses the world-known big five including elephant, lion, leopard, rhino and buffalo. You will also encounter plain animals such as eland, zebra, oryx, Thompson gazelle, wildebeest and other similar species. The stunning landscape of Tanzania is complemented by a continuous array of such animals. You will view merciless predators like cheetah, wild dog, vultures, hyena and jackal that helps in maintaining balance in nature. The entire fame of Northern Circuit is acquired due to these animals. Tanzania houses 500 bird species and is in turn a paradise for ornithologist.

The Arusha town is the point from where the northern adventures start. It is situated near to the Mount Meru and so tourists can also have a view of the mighty and majestic Mount Kilimnajaro, known as the highest mountain peak of Africa. Arusha is a refuge for various wild animals as well as ecosystem’s tapestry that live on grassland, alpine desert, heath, soda or fresh water lakes and montane forest.

The other factor that makes Tanzania more distinguished in the world is due to its largest caldera- the Ngorongoro Crater. This is known as a natural wonder of world that houses some 30,000 wild animals.

Truly, the Tanzania safari will give you a marvellous experience and view of the outstanding landscape. You will witness how nature has worked to bestow this land with every beautiful sight for tourists to allure. The perfect balance in ecosystem is constituted and maintained here.

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