Tel Aviv Fashion Week is for Upstarts

Tel Aviv Fashion Week


Rather than focus on well-established designers and big-name fashion houses, Tel Aviv Fashion Week is being used to promote the unknown and burgeoning stylesmiths. For these up-and-comers looking for media attention, Tel Aviv Fashion Week should be a wonderful opportunity.


Tel Aviv Fashion Week turns out to be the first of two, kind of like the Daily Double in Jeopardy, only with strobes and a backbeat. Decades ago, when Israel still had a significant textile industry, there was a bi-annual showcase, but it receded along with the rag trade as the economy shifted to high-tech entrepreneurship, with spectacular results. The software and chip money of “Start-Up Nation” meant the White City got a make-over, throwing a layer of gloss over the seaside tattiness. And in the culture of new money and arty ambition, reviving Fashion Week was not much of a stretch. Read More

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