Telemedicine market

telemedicine solutions

Due to these factors, it appears at the beginning of BCC telemedicine and telemedicine market, key success factors, these companies benefit field identifies the top 10 companies.

This report also allows you to estimate how significant this market health care, health insurance, home care, telecommunications (telecom), networking, disease management, e health and health care, such as IT can affect larger markets. It is also timely, as the major Tier One sides are beginning to enter the market for telemedicine.

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GlobalMed Group, LLC.
15020 North 74th Street
Scottsdale, Arizona  85260 USA
Call: 800.886.3692


GlobalMed®  is a real-time healthcare delivery system company that deploys state-of-the-art medical data and images to the cloud, providing access anywhere. GlobalMed has developed hardware, software and service solutions to enable leading healthcare professionals to be more effective in providing patient care, and more productive and efficient in managing patient information. GlobalMed Gro...(Read More)

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