Tennis en Vogue


The Olympics have made the world recognize the strong correlation between sports and fashion. And in a recent article from The New York Times, the style section highlights the many aspects of fashion in tennis. Particularly the fans and players themselves are fashion directors, journalists and designers themselves. One patron is no other than Vogue’s Anna Wintour, not only a fan but apparently a very good player on the court. 

On any given morning at the Midtown Tennis Club you can see fashion editors talking shop during a volley on the court. With tennis you can rub elbows with out the extra calories of lunch cocktails and really get to know your opponent.  

“You do make fast friends — and maybe with someone you wouldn’t necessarily be able to — because you spend this quality time together,” said Peter Malachi, senior vice president of .communication at Hermès.

“A lot of people in fashion were at one point models, and if anything they’re very lithe, strong and athletic,” he continued, adding that entertainment editor of Vogue, Jillian Demling was “pretty good” but “could be great, if she was able to cut down on her hours at Vogue.”

So is tennis to fashion what golf is to sales? Apparently.  

Allie Montgomery

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