Tequila Making the Latest Big Thing for Celebs

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Multiple celebrities have started their own lines of tequila and, though their fame may help sell more bottles than had they been sold without celebrity backing, celebs are at least utilizing proper channels when getting their drinks on the market. Some of the bigger celebrities who are now involved in tequila production include Justin Timberlake and George Clooney. 


Celebrities and their enthusiasms—it seems there are no bounds. In addition to being great looking, rich and getting to travel around the world at will, they also love to launch brands—and spirits are the hottest moneymakers.

But one current celeb craze comes in the form of a beverage near and dear to the hearts of many Mexicans—tequila.

While many in Hollywood went old school backing wine labels, a few celebs have taken the less traveled and trendier path with tequila. Read More


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