Terveer's Slick New Perfume Bottle

NY Mag

Terverr has recently released a refillable rollerball perfume bottle that looks both stylish and incredibly portable. With three new scents available and easy to carry around, this new bottle will make keeping up on one's day-long scent a breeze. 

At first glance, this dark and cylindrical canister looks like a spy gadget of sorts, or a sleek tube of Mace. Instead, it's the refillable perfume oil roller ball case for Terveer, the latest scent project from sisters Annie and Therese Gibbons, who made a name for themselves as the founders of Alora, a home-fragrance line. "We've wanted to do a perfume oil for so long," Annie said of the collection they named after their mother, Mary Terveer. "It's so much more personal than a spray of perfume." Read More

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