The 10 Most Unique and Useful Baby Shower Gifts

Here are some ideas for unique and useful baby shower gifts. All of them keep the goal of being keepsake gifts in mind. The new mom can use the gift now and pass it on to her child in the years to come.

Gift 1 -- Disney Princess Necklace -- There are some adorable Swarovski crystal earrings that can be found online. Many other styles of Disney earrings would be great for the new mom  too, like Cinderella princess earrings. There are styles that are solid gold or gold plated ones. Your friend can wear them now and pass them on to her daughter when he is a little older.

Gift 2 -- Organic baby crib sets -- The new parents will really appreciate organic baby crib sets and the fact that their baby’s skin will be on pure cotton that is grown and processed without the use of any chemicals. You can give the new mom a couple of beautiful and extra-soft organic sheets. Another idea is split the cost of a gift with one or two other friends and buy one of the organic baby crib sets that include sheets, soft embroidered organic cotton blankets, and more.

Gift 3 -- A basket of pampering products for the new mom -- not for her baby, but for her. After all, she has been pregnant for almost nine months, so she deserves a little bit of pampering. Add extra special, luxurious organic bath soap, liquid wash, shampoo, and a manicure set. Chances are that she won’t have time to go out for a manicure for a few months, so she will appreciate it.

Gift 4 -- A soft, cozy organic terry cloth bathrobe -- she will thank you many times when she wears it to the hospital or runs into the nursery to nurse her baby during the night.

Gift 5 -- A new casual outfit that mom can wear and feel good in the next few months as her body regains its natural shape. Some stretch pants or yoga pants and a top with a slight flare will be just right.

Gift 6 -- A special piece of fine jewelry -- if the expectant mom is your sister or someone close to you, you may want to give them a new watch or a pair of diamond earrings. A tennis bracelet is another great choice to commemorate the special event of the birth of your niece or nephew or your friend’s child.

Gift 7 -- A flowering plant -- a type of indoor plant that will grow well in the area where you live is a great gift for the expectant mom. It could be a flowering hibiscus or a cactus plant that she will see. Plants last far longer than cut flowers, and the new mom will have  much more joy from a living plant.

Gift 8 -- A baby grooming basket for her baby -- choose a few very good items like an engraved comb and brush for baby with the child’s name on it, fine organic cotton towels, and have baby’s monogram or name embroidered on them.

Gift 9 -- A new camcorder for mom and dad if they don’t have one. They will capture all of baby’s first days on film, and they will really appreciate this gift. Go in on the price of the camcorder with several others if necessary.

Gift 10 -- A holiday basket filled with personalized items for baby. Regardless of the couple’s religious affiliation, there are always religious and national holidays year round. If the shower is around Christmas, put a stocking with the baby’s name embroidered on it in the basket. If it’s around a religious holiday, choose a religious symbol with the child’s initials or name on it.

No one knows how to pick the best gifts online like Martha Marks. She’s a mother with a demanding sales career who knows which types of unique baby shower gifts are the hottest.  She loves to buy the Disney Princess Necklace for the special little girls in her family. These are treasured and passed down to daughters.

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