The Alibi in Hillcrest

This small bar is deceiving in its appearance when you first walk through its door as it presents itself as a dive bar; however, after the bar’s energy levels start to rise, it ends up being one of the coolest bars in San Diego. Especially for those in the 25-40 year range, the live bands that Alibi attracts are of the grunge and garage rock variety, sparking new hope in an aging genre.


As far as the bands I have seen at this loud and lively bar are concerned, I have yet to see a show put on there that left me wishing I had gone to another bar or done something else that evening, which is often the case when I catch many of the local bands in San Diego.


The only real issue that I have with Alibi is that it gets packed, likely beyond the legal capacity of the bar, and moving around gets a little troublesome. However, if you show up a little earlier than everyone else and grab a table, you’re in for a truly fun night of music and drinking. 

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