The Array of Winter Boots

Valet Magazine

One thing I'm jealous about in regards to my fashion-savvy brethren in cold climates is that they get to run a full gambit of fashion and styles throughout the year. While I'd never have a real need for any of these winter boots, I can imagine myself bundling up (complete with overcoat and scarf) and bottoming it all off with one of these. However, I think living in SoCal is worth not getting to wear some of that stuff. 


What makes a hardy pair of winter boots stand out? The sole and construction. Leather bottoms and siped soles won't do on slushy sidewalks, especially when melted snow and salt can really take their toll. The solution? Chunky vibram and crepe soles that can withstand a couple of seasons, and well-made boots that can easily be resoled for more years of wear. Here are some options worth investing in: Check Out the Killer Men's Boots Available

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