The Beauty of Costuming ? Things You May Not Know

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Costuming is considered three-dimensional, modern art. If you’re wearing a costume, you’re probably going to a costume ball, someone’s party, or you’re maybe participating in a play. Costuming is a really catchy once you get the grip of it. Being able to transform into anyone or anything you like anytime is some really tempting stuff. It’s easy to get tired of your everyday life and responsibilities. In some people’s minds, the way out of that routine is simply being someone else for a while, thus making yourself feel comfortable in someone else’s skin and live their story a bit.

There are two types of costuming. The first type insists on one picking out an exact character, real or imaginary, and dressing up exactly like it. If you decide for this type, you should pay attention to the smallest details and minutiae. The goal is to make the character you chose real and alive. This is not as hard as it sounds because for all the more widely known and more popular characters, there’s a costume that you can get. Maybe you’ll just have to add some makeup or footwear to complete the costume.

The other type is making your own costume. Now, there’s a couple of options here – you may chose a fictional world or people and imitate their way of existence, or you can create your own character and his own world. The creative part, done on paper is easy, because you can imagine almost anything, but the making of the costume is a bit harder. You’ll probably have to sew it yourself. This kind is more thorough and it takes more time, but you’ll have more options. The first type is called “cosplay” and the other one is just, well, standard costuming.

When you really stop for a second and think about it, you put a costume on every time you put on your clothes. Most of the time, you know exactly what you want to look like, and you’re trying to get there by combining different pieces of clothing together. Girls have a slight advantage here, because they have makeup. Makeup makes it even easier to complete the look you want to have. Again, most girls have different hairstyles every day, so that also helps. But that doesn’t mean that boys can’t do a nice braid or a smoky eyes look. It’s just important to pick the right time, so you won't regret it for the rest of your life.

The perfect time for all the makeup and costumes, and to get to a whole other level is a costume party. With them, the party can’t be a failure. If you’re brave enough to try it, you’ll have a pile of options in front of you. You can choose a movie for a theme, a book, the exact time in the past, your favorite TV show, a fictional world, a musical theme, a party with a must have detail, mythical creatures and legends, science only costume, or simply tell everyone to be whatever they want! The options are endless. When you finally decide what you want for your dress code to be like, you could make the space where party is going to be fitting to the theme.

The interesting fact is that people back in the sixteenth or seventeenth century had a costume ball every day. Their dress code was dictated to the smallest little detail, and no one would ever break the rules. All the girls had those huge gowns with a construction underneath. Corsets were a must and no one dared to change that. The girls and the boys were obligated to wear large wigs with a hairstyle that was matching to their status in the society. Makeup was also described to the smallest shadow and line, and… guess what? Boys wore it to. That was a complicated time, filled with conventions and rules, and everybody knew their place and manners. With those costumes, came the way of verbal expressing – if you wanted to say something meaningful, you had to choose the proper words or somebody would get offended and challenge you to a duel. Who knew that costumes are so powerful.


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