The Benefits of Green Juices

Many people may shy away from drinking green juices, but they are actually power-packed with nutrition. The ability of green vegetables to produce chlorophyll actually benefits us when we consume them as they help oxygenate our body. This promotes the release of toxins that build up and remain stored in the body for some time. Your lungs, liver, digestive system and uterus benefit greatly from the consumption of green juices as it cleanses them. This juice is particularly good for you if you are a smoker as it makes an excellent dietary supplement.


When you consume green juice, your hemoglobin levels become elevated and this cause the blood circulation to improve and you get that energy boost. Some common benefits of drinking green juice include:


·         The ability to consume a wide variety of produce.


·         Promotes alkalinity so that the body goes from being acidic to alkaline.


·         The body assimilates the nutrients faster.


·         Improves energy levels.


·         Promotes a youthful appearance and smoother skin.


·         Promotes the efficient elimination of waste and toxins.


·         Promotes weight loss/control.


Green juices contain a rich supply of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and amino acids. When we consume this juice it nourishes our insides and help us gain healthy hair, skin, nails and teeth. The juice digests easily and the nutrients absorb quickly because the easy-to-drink form of the juice allows for this. The body does not have to work hard to achieve any of this. Green juices offer value for money as you do not have to consume a large portion of vegetables to gain the benefits.


Additional Nutritional Facts About Green Juice


Green juice supplies the body with magnesium which is essential for efficient utilization of calcium. Magnesium can be found in the center of the chlorophyll molecule and has a significant effect on the level of magnesium in the body. As a part of the diet, green juices play a significant role in helping our body to absorb the calcium much better. Other important nutrients that are found in green plants are Vitamins A and C. These nutrients also play a role in the absorption of calcium in the body as they are important cofactors for its absorption. Foods that contain chlorophyll address the regulation of calcium in the case of Vitamin D deficiency. It is said to act like some form of 'stored sunshine' which means people who lack exposure to sufficient sunshine can consume more greens.




·         Rotate your greens and as best as possible avoid using one green at all times. This is to guard against the buildup of alkaloids in the body. A trace of alkaloids can be found in plants and they are not harmful in small doses.


·         Blended greens offer more than if you eat them raw. Those who have a strong digestive system can blend the greens in a mixer or juice them.


·         Dates can be added for taste, but those with conditions such as yeast, candida, diabetes or hypoglycemia should be careful.


·         Green vegetables are best consumed when they are fresh, but should not be kept for more than one day in the fridge. A bit of lime can be added to help preserve them.


Jennifer Fox is a nutrition consultant. She enjoys sharing her tips and insights on various health and lifestyle topics. Click here for more information about the benefits of a green juice diet.


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