The Best-Value Luxury Cars

Although you can’t give the concept of value an automatic rank when comparing products and prices, sometimes you’ll come across something which does much more for you than its price can rightfully claim. The same is true of luxury cars; even when money is no object you’ll find a car in the local listings that offers an even better deal than you expected. Here are just a few of those cars that will surprise you in their versatility and style.

Mercedes-Benz CLS

Just as you’d expect from such a prestige brand, the CLS delivers a smooth and stylish ride as soon as you pick it up from the forecourt. Boasting a range of high-end features, the CLS class in particular makes for a ride that’s every bit as exciting to drive as it is to look at. With the amount of gadgetry on display, you’d be forgiven for thinking you were driving one of James Bond’s cars! In terms of value, the Mercedes-Benz CLS holds up just as well when second-hand as it does brand new, maintaining its relative value admirably yet affordably.

Audi A4

You’d be surprised at the price you’re expected to pay for a second hand audi a4 – only in the most positive way of course. With optional blind-spot alarm systems and rear side airbags, both driver and passenger safety is heightened if you’re looking to pay that little bit extra for peace of mind. For environmentally-conscious drivers the A4 also performs well in terms of fuel efficiency and emissions on certain models. With a plethora of handy extras available to make your ride more comfortable and fun, the Audi A4 is a great example of what high-end engineering and design can do for the driver with the cash to splash.

Jaguar S-Type Diesel

Considering the pedigree of the Jag brand, prospective buyers should be very pleased with whatever low prices they can find for an S-type; even when brand new, these premium builds come in very affordably. The running costs are good too considering the rising price of fuel - with a city MPG between 25 and 30 you can always expect a decent return on your refill. If you’re buying used then don’t be put off by the slightly higher prices than you’d expect to find – particularly in the R class, which sometimes fetches collectors’ prices, it’s the final seal of approval on what’s fast becoming an iconic model from an iconic make.

BMW 3 Series

This isn’t quite the natural choice for the list that you think it might be, owing to the rich BMW tradition of making premium cars, but as the market begins to trend towards more affordable models, the 3 Series is among the finest model you can buy for the above-average budget. Even the worst performers in terms of raw power from the engine are up there with some of the high-flyers, but where the 3 Series really shines is in its fuel consumption, no matter what the model. A 1.8 costs only marginally less to run than a 2.0 so our money would go on the one with a bit more punch. The 3 Series has been refined over the years into a car that still commands a high price when brand new but, like a fine wine, only gets better with age.

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