The Celebrity Private Jet Business Battle

Challenger 300

It looks like a fierce battle has been ensuing to secure the business of celebrities due to their frivolous nature and the fact that they are some of the last “showy” wealthy people available.


As the sun set Aug. 28 in West Hollywood, Barry Bonds, NBCUniversal partnerships and licensing head Jonathan Treisman, Prince Frederic Von Anhalt (aka Mr. Zsa Zsa Gabor) and more than 150 other attendees gulped wine and listened to a five-piece jazz band while standing in a line that stretched to nearly 20 minutes long just to check out the event's headliner. What could keep such a disparate group of high-net-worth partygoers dutifully waiting around? A plane fuselage lacking wings, of all things, parked next to the plaza fountain of the Pacific Design Center. Read More


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