The Closest Ferrari Will Get to a Family Car

Ferrari FF


It’s not often that you see a supercar that will accommodate a family, but the Ferrari FF with its four seats and 651 horsepower makes this one of the most powerful cars available that will allow you to get you and your little ones to over 200 mph. You know, because that’s always a good idea.


For all the excitement and buzz that comes with driving a supercar, there is a fundamental drawback that limits their appeal. They are, by design, a selfish purchase.

With the majority featuring two seats and less luggage space than a field mouse's nest, it is not a car that you will use on a long weekend in the Cotswolds let alone a two-week holiday to Europe.

And that makes them spur-of-the-moment machines for short trips only. Just make sure the nanny doesn't have a day off because the kids will not be coming with you. Read More


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