The Eyes Have It with These Eye-Friendly Apps

eyes have it

The app world is exploding with apps for everything from compiling your grocery list to turning your doodles into museum-quality art.  Yet, for tech professionals who stare at their screens all day long, there are an increasing number of apps related to eyes or vision.  Some of the following apps are immensely useful while others are just extraordinarily fun. 

Magic Eye Color Effect


Forget red eyes—there are all sorts of programs that can get rid of those red-eyed shots that have plagued photographers since the invention of colored film.  This app, however, allows users to completely change the color of pupils in photographs or add captivating enhancements like rainbow eyes to create artful images that go far beyond red-eye correction. 

Vision Test

You don’t have to wait to go to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles for an eye exam or visit your expensive eye doctor.  This simple app tests your vision—and tests it accurately.  This little app was one of the most popular medical apps of 2010.  It’s still checking eyes for far field vision and visual perception today.

iMag Magnifying Glass

This free iPhone app turns your phone into a great magnifying glass.  If you’ve left your glasses at home and need help viewing a menu or reading the newspaper on the train, this app can help you read without straining your vision.  While corrective lenses certainly trump the power of this app, the iphone-turned-magnifyer can help in a pinch when you need help reading small print. 

Gaga Eyes


Big-eyed pets, kids, friends—whoever—this app transforms plain old everyday eyes into something quite dramatic and fun.  Simply by using pictures store on your iPhone, you can enlarge any photographed pair of eyes with this app.  Once you transform the photo’s eyes, you can share them with others via various social media networks or over email. 

Toy Eyes

Just for fun, the Toy Eyes app lets users replace any photographed eyes with googly   eyes—similar to cartoons or toys.  Why does a technically savvy person need this app?  Anyone with kids or young nieces and nephews needs this app, particularly when out to dinner and waiting overlong for a meal; this entertaining app is great fun to share with kids, but don’t be surprised when you notice the adults clamoring to see themselves with toy eyes, too!

Night Vision Scope

As long as it isn’t a completely dark scenario, this app allows you to transform your iPhone into a night vision viewer.  If you run into a situation where you need to see in low-resolution light, this app is the most popular night vision app on the market.  Great for campers or for simply taking a stroll with the dog in the evening, this app has lots of potential for lighting up the world at night.


These eye-friendly apps are just the thing for your eyes.  Check them out; many are free and live up to their great reputations.  Whether you want to test your vision or find interesting tools geared to toward the eyes and vision, these apps deliver on functionality. 

Chelsea Hasbrouck is always on the lookout for apps and technology that are designed to improve eyesight. For information on contact lenses visit Lenstore, an online contact lens shop.

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