The Five Most Beautiful Spots in Hawaii

Trying to choose the five most beautiful locations in Hawaii is an extremely daunting task. Simply put, there are dozens of places that are unfathomably gorgeous, with features and views that can be seen nowhere else on earth. Choosing just five for a list like this can feel like choosing your favorites children. Nevertheless, our Hawaii travel experts have labored hard to whittle it down to an awe-inspiring top five sights.

5. Kalaupapa (Island of Molokai)

The view from the village of Kalaupapa is utterly unforgettable. Located at the base of some of the tallest sea cliffs in the world (over 2000 feet high), this beautiful, isolated village has stunning vistas in all directions. Kalaupapa is unforgettable not only because of its views. The town is also a former leprosy colony with a fascinating history.

4. Nu’uanu Pali Lookout (Island of Oahu)

With 360 degree panoramas of the lush Ko’olau mountains and a gorgeous view of the distant Kaneohe Bay, a stop at the Nu’uano Pali Lookout is an absolute must for visitors to Oahu. Fighting for the unification of Hawaii, Kamehameha I once forced 400 enemy soldiers to jump to their deaths at this very location.

3. Waipio Valley (Big Island)

The beautiful and verdant Waipio Valley was once a favorite vacation spot for Hawaiian royalty. Surrounded by impressive 2000-foot cliffs on three sides and boasting multiple 1000+ foot waterfalls, Waipio Valley has stunning features that can be seen nowhere else. Admission is limited to this pristine, beautifully preserved part of the island, with some roads only accessible to four-wheel drive vehicles.

2. Kilauea Volcano (Big Island)

One of the Big Island’s biggest attractions, Kilauea Volcano is regarded by scientists as one of the most dangerous active volcanoes in the world. Constant volcanic activity guarantees that the volcano and its beautiful surroundings are always changing. Helicopter tours provide breathtaking views of the area, and hiking trails allow you to get incredibly close to the action.

1. Waimea Canyon (Island of Kauai)

Often called the Grand Canyon of the Pacific, Waimea is one of the most breathtaking places on earth. This ten-mile long, 3000-foot canyon combines incredibly lush vegetation with the rust-colored volcanic rock and soil of the island’s interior. Numerous waterfalls cascade thousands of feet into the floor of the canyon. A must-see for visitors to the Big Island.

This post was a collaboration with Vincent Stokes is an avid traveler and writer.  He frequently freelance writes for Summit Pacific, a company specializing in Kauai vacation rentals.


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