The Good Life: Balancing Family and Work with Wellness Entrepreneur, Courtney Elmer

Angie Janine

I chatted with successful wellness entrepreneur Courtney Elmer about her best tips to living a happy, healthy, and chic life. She frequently appears on television as a lifestyle expert discussing her best tips to prevent burnout and reduce stress.

How did you get started as a wellness entrepreneur?

Overcoming cancer at 25 was not how I expected to start my journey as an entrepreneur. But that’s exactly where my story starts because sitting in that tiny, freezing cold doctor’s office was when I realizedthat life’s too short to spend it feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and burnt out.

Now as Lifestyle Strategist and Stress Expert for high-achieving entrepreneurs, I help them transform their lives and businesses to create effortless successwithoutthe stress. 

How do you manage a fast-growing business?

This is such a great question because it’s so easy to look at the highlight reel of people’s lives on Instagram and feel like you’re missing something when everyone else looks like they’ve got it all figured out. 

Being CEO of a fast-growing business while staying present as a mom to my son is no joke. The juggle is REAL, and as cliche as it sounds, every day I learn something new. The biggest “secret” behind my success has been learning to ask for — and accept — the help of others, inanyshape or form. (Which is harder to do than it sounds, since as a high-achieving, independent woman I often trick myself into thinking I can handle it all on my own). 

I have a small team who helps me with the nitty-gritty behind-the-scenes operations in my business to keep everything running smoothly, and I have a support system of a few close friends and family who I rely on for help watching the baby. The hardest part for me has beenacceptingthat help, but owning the reality that I can’t do it all (and that no one truly can) has been a game-changer for me and my business. 

Because knowing you’renotalone and that you can be fully supported by friends, family, or those you hire to help you is a luxury that’s in a class all of its own.

What is this season’s style must-have?

Even though my friends typically come to me forbusiness advice over fashion advice, I do have a few style must-haves that I can’t live without! 

The Leather Card Case from Madewell — perfect if you’re trying to cut down on “bag bulk” or great as a gift for the minimalist in your life. No, it’s not PETA friendly. But it helped me go from “enormous purse carrier” to “hands-free Haute” in a flash. Get it hand-stamped in gold with your initials for a look that says “Oh yes, that’smine.” 

Liverpool’s Gia Glider Skinny Pull On Jeans — for girls like me who want an effortless, put-together look thatfeelslike your still wearing your favorite yoga pants. These silky-soft jeans are so versatile that they can transition from casual Friday at the office to Friday night date without you even needing to change. Even better, they won’t stretch and sag after wearing. My favorite part? The perfect pocket placement to take your bum from “hum-drum” to booty-lifted without ever having to do a single lunge or squat. 

A crystal-studded bracelet, necklace, or ring from the Virgins, Saints & Angels (VSA) collection: luxury jewelry featuring symbols of protection, good fortune, romance, and magic, all handcrafted in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. I am literallyobsessed with how these pieces reflect the souland spirit, in a way that’s both edgy and timeless. (Like, how?!) Plus, they lookincredible with any outfit, whether you’re dressing up or want a luxe look for every day. With unique, hand-crafted designs, these gorgeous pieces add meaning, mystery, and a touch of magic to anyone who wears them. (And, who doesn’t want that?!)

What’s your favorite womenswear designer?

I’ve always been a fan of Tori Burch handbags and shoes. I’m in fact drooling over the new Kira Bootie in Tan as we speak. I’m petite, so shopping for clothes can be frustrating. But I have to say: I’ve never had a problem finding shoes that fit without needing to be tucked, hemmed, fitted, or taken in. 

Vince Camuto is also known for his shoes, I know — but I the Gianni Bini line he debuted under the Camuto Group is another personal favorite of mine. Probably because I can easily find items that fit me without needing any (or all) of the aforesaid annoying alterations. Also, because he and Tori Burch did a partnership back in 2006 to launchherfootwear collection, and I’ve been a fan of both ever since! 

What style trends do you love for fall? 

Two words: FLARE JEANS. I was born a decade shy of the ’70s, and I adore my husband but flare jeans and I have always had a thing for each other. Maybe because I’m 5’2 and a good high-waisted flare gives my short legs that coveted long, lean look. Or maybe because I’ll finally get to pull out all those old flares in the back of my closet that I’ve held onto for “one day.” Well friends, that day is now.

Between my svelte, skinny ankle crops and my long-line flares, we can finally kiss the “I havenothingto wear!” conundrum good-freakin-bye. My favorite pairing for fall: a creamy white silk top; a pair of fine-wale, moss-green corduroy flares; and a rose-gold Magdelena necklace from the VSA collection (mentioned above). 

What’s your beauty regime?

My esthetician recently told me, “keep doing whatever you’re doing, your skin isamazing!” 

So I’ll share my secrets with you here: my routine is probably more simple and surprising than you might think. 

In my former career, I was a rep for (and got hooked on) Neora AGE-IQ anti-aging products. Having several years of experience in the anti-aging industry, I’ve seen a thing or two when it comes to skin-care lines and have a solid sense of what’s good and what’s a waste of money. 

What I love about the Age-IQ products from Neora is that they are so EASY to use: literally a few simple steps in the morning and one step at night, that’s it.(No more 30-minute embalming sessions before bed required, praise be!) In the morning I cleanse with Neora Age-defying Botanical Cleanser. Then, I apply the new Neora Invisi-Bloc Sunscreen Gel (40 spf) which I love because it’s the only sunscreen I’ve found for the face that’s light and not greasy. After that I apply a few pumps of the Hydrating Day Moisturizer to fight free radicals and deeply moisturize my skin without feeling heavy or sticky (I live in New Orleans y’all -- heavy moisturizers and high humidity do not mix!) That’s it. Most days just a dab of mascara and I’m out the door. Then in the evenings, I cleanse again with the Botanical Cleanser and spray rose-water toner all over my face before applying the Age IQ Night Cream

Simple, and effective. My esthetician agrees. 

What’s this year’s big splurge?

We tend to splurge on experiences over things. Before becoming parents, traveling was our favorite way to relax and enjoy life. Now that our son is getting older, we are SO excited to take him on trips with us, even though it does freak us out a bit to sit on a germ-ridden plane for hours on end. (I just squinch my eyes shut and keep telling myself the destination will be worth it.) 

So this year, we opted against the overseas flight to Europe we’d originally planned and decided to take him on a tour of Southern California from LA down the coast to San Diego and a few places in between. There are so many beautiful places here in the U.S. to see… but somehow, the West Coast always has this way of beckoning us back! 

What’s your favorite vacation location?

It depends on the type of vacation! For me, it’s the experience of travel itself over the destination. I love exploring new cultures and experiencing new things. If we’re looking for a quick getaway here in the U.S., Rosemary or Alys Beach on 30A in Florida is perfect for an upscale and relaxing beach experience without all the typical tourists (go on shoulder-season in early May or September to enjoy virtually empty, pristine beaches). Personally, I’m obsessed with California and love everything from wine country down to LA. I also enjoy a breathtaking mountain vacation every once in a while to truly unplug. 

Aside from that, Europe has my heart! To make that trip worth it though, you’ve gotta stay for at least a few weeks. Which, I must say, I’m never upset about. 

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