The Gorgeous British Overcoat


One product that the British undoubtedly make the best of is the overcoat. While terrible, wet weather has most likely led to their expertise in coats, it doesn't change the fact that many a Yankee want to get their hands on numerous styles of overcoats that come out of the United Kingdom, the least of which definitely isn't the Crombie, which provides a classically British feel wrapped in contemporary style.


Crombie, much like Hoover, Sellotape and, erm, Yo-Yo, has gone from brand name to generic term for all similar items. Founded in Aberdeen in 1805 by John Crombie, the company makes the modern day use of ‘Heritage’ seem pretty daft. Initially selling luxury cloths to London tailors and merchants, it soon became a leading producer receiving awards and showcasing its wares around the world. Soon turning cloth-making into coat-making, its popularity decades on would lead to military contracts and powerful ‘celebrity’ Crombie wearers including JFK, Gorbachev, Winston Churchill and King George VI. Read More

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