The Great Places to Visit in Japan

The Great Places to Visit in Japan

If you are planning for visiting Japan as an enthusiast traveler then this article can guide you about the places to visit there. The variety of facilities and versatility of the enjoyment makes Japan an ideal place to be visited by every passionate visitor. You can enjoy dinning, shopping, playing in resorts and visit cultural sites while visiting Japan. The most important sites to be visited during your visit to Japan are as under.

Tokyo: Tokyo being the capital city of Japan becomes logically first place to visit while visiting Japan. You can enjoy an amalgamation of traditional and modern culture at Tokyo. On one hand you can enjoy culture and history in the ImperialPalace and AsakusaKannonTemple and on the other Disneyland and the Ueno Park Zoo present you the modern variations.

Kyoto: Kyoto is the best place for the tourists who have interest in visiting the places with historical and cultural value. Some of the best historical feudal spots of Japan are situated in this place which escaped from the destructions caused during World War Second. 17 places which have been declared as places of world heritage by UNESCO situated in this place include the temples of Kinkaku-ji, Kozan-ji, Tenryu-ji and Ninna-ji.

Niseko ski resort: If you are enthused to enjoy skiing and snow sports then Hokkaido is the best place for you. Niseko, the best ski resort located in Hokkaido, Japan, is regarded as the best location due to its weather, infrastructure and size. It is one of the popular places for Australian skiers who want to enjoy winter sports even in off season. It is one of the most crowded and expensive places of winter sports because of being among the top destinations of this kind.

Nagano: Nagano is another tourist spot for winter sports enthused tourists famous for its quality of powder snow and excellent slopes like in Hokkaido. You need not worry about crowd and expensive accommodations if you visit Nagano for skiing and other winter sports. Moreover Nagano is also famous among working holiday visitors due to reasonable accommodations and various other facilities provided by them like free skiing passes etc.

Okinawa: This is the best destination for visiting Japan in summer season. Moreover this destination is ideal to be visited during December and January due to its tropical climate where you can enjoy the cozy atmosphere when northern regions are usually covered with layers of snow. The beaches of Okinawa are another attraction for sunbathers beside other climatic priorities. You can also enjoy scuba diving in the clear water of its beaches.

Osaka: Osaka, the third largest city of Japan, has calm environment than Tokyo and other cities experiencing hustle and bustle in their ways of life. The OsakaCastle and Sumiyoshi Shrine are some of the places in Osaka where you can enjoy with historical and cultural flavors of Japan.

Thus you can enjoy your various places of tourist interest while visiting Japan this vacation season. Do a trip to Japan to enjoy the most exotic places.

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