The Greatest Must Visit Las Vegas Resorts

Las Vegas is a once in a lifetime experience. The ultimate goal is to enjoy the very best the city has to offer. Before you look at the casinos, shows, and other entertainment options here, consider where you'll stay. Luckily for you, most of the larger and luxurious casinos are also resorts and hotels. That means you can stay at the same locations you plan to play at. But, which one should you choose and why? Check out these top five destination casinos in Vegas that are not to be missed.


The Bellagio Hotel and Casino

The Bellagio is one of the most luxurious casinos in the city, if not in the entire United States. Known for its ability to attract high rollers and celebrities, it is a definite must see. Located on the Las Vegas strip, the Bellagio is instantly recognisable due to its fountains at the front. 

The famous Fountains are one of the most breath taking attractions on the Las Vegas strip. The fountains shoot water higher than a 24 storey building using more than 17,000 gallons of water at a time. If you are looking for a luxury spectacle, be sure to visit this amazing attraction that has featured in many films. 

The Bellagio has everything you could wish for. Its award winning spa is set in 65,000 square feet of grounds and offers a range ofsalon and spa packagesto suit your every need. The Bellagio itself is rather grand, with over 3,933 guest rooms, including 500 suites, so there are plenty of rooms to choose from.

There are various activities the Bellagio offers in addition to the obvious casino. These include golf, personal fitness training and shopping. Anything you could ever desire can be found at the Bellagio, and in the unlikely event that it can’t, the concierge will get it for you. 


MGM Grand

The MGM Grand is known for its luxury and entertainment. It has a range of luxury suites, including the skyline and penthouse city suite which have amazing views of Las Vegas. Notable for its bright green exterior, the MGM Grand is a must visit resort. With over 700 suits it is one of the largest in Las Vegas.

The MGM Grand offers live entertainment virtually every night of the week and is the ‘go to’ casino for the night. Regular gaming events are also hosted here and the MGM Grand certainly offers a nightlife to remember with a number of their very own bars and clubs. 

The Grand Garden Arena  is a must see that has hosted the greatest musicians and comedians of all time. If you are going to Las Vegas to get married then look no further, the MGM has its very own wedding chapel. They offer a wide range of services from wedding planning to ordering your personalised wedding stationery. You are sure to have the wedding of your dreams here. 


The Palms

The Palms is well known for numerous towers that soar above Las Vegas. Its casino is 95,000 square feet and is equipped with stylish bars and restaurants. There are many attractions to see in this resort, notably the Pearl Theatre that holds over 2,500 people is great for live shows.The Palms is known for its luxury suits and is the only hotel to have a basketball court in one. Yes you heard it, a full size court. For basketball fanatics, the Hardwood Suite is a dream come true. It has an indoor locker room, bar and games room and is pure luxury. The Palms is also known for its award winning food and has various eateries within the resort. If it is fine dining you are after the N9NE Steakhouse offers the best beef around town so you are sure to have the dining experience of a lifetime. 


Caesars Palace Las Vegas

Caesars Palace was the first luxury hotel and casino in the city, and beside its rich history in the area, it is also one of the very best choices because of its ability to maintain modern luxury. The location offers fantastic, personal service, including amenities that bring in international guests. There are newer towers here, which are the ideal place to say. Impressive in size, features (imagine the very best in luxurious bedding and carpeting) as well as outstanding personal service makes this location a must.

Its garden of the god’s pool oasis is a great place to relax in the sun. The beautiful roman architecture makes you think you are in the roman baths. At the weekend this turns into a swish nightclub for party goers. Caesars Palace has years of heritage and is one of the most well-known casinos in Las Vegas.


For any of these locations, you'll find quality service and modern upgrades. The one thing these casinos and resorts have done well is to keep up with the modern requests that we as consumers have. This means providing you with beautiful surroundings, themes, and outstanding entertainment. Choose a luxurious resort based on not just the shows and the features, but also on the type of experience you plan to have when you arrive. There's a casino here that you will be impressed with no matter what your tastes and if you have the budget you are sure to have a great time. For those of us that haven’t quite won the Euromillions yet, we better get saving.



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