The Hidden Cause of Pain in Lower Back (That No One Talks About)

Lower back pain can be caused by many things, most of us heard about them: Trauma, pulled muscle, sciatica, herniated disc, bulging disc, sacroiliac joint dysfunction and arthritis are the most common ones. But…except for trauma, all of these causes have one thing in common; the hidden cause, the one your doctor won’t talk about – Muscle imbalances.  Chances are, you’ve never heard of muscle imbalances, but actually most of us have them in some degree, no matter how fit or unfit we are.

 First, Warning: Lower Back Pain Won’t Go Away on Its Own

Pain in lower back, even if it’s minor, should NOT be ignored. Your body is telling you that something is not working right. Failing to treat pain in the lower back will most likely result in more pain and having to work much harder and longer to get back to your pain-free life. I know this from experience.

What are These Muscle Imbalances Anyway?

You probably know that low back pain – or any disease, for that matter – develops as a process. This pain process begins with muscle imbalances. Simply put, muscle imbalances happen when you have over developed muscles in one area of your body while the opposing area are weak and stretched out of their normal position. So…how does this end up causing you so much pain??

What is The Solution for Muscle Imbalances?

Try this analogy to understand muscle imbalances: If the wheels of your car are out of alignment, the tread on your tires is going to wear unevenly. If you don’t get an alignment, eventually you’re going to have a blowout. The same principle applies for the lower back.

Taking pain killers, resting, applying heat and cold and even exercising randomly – Will NOT restore the balance and fix your problem permanently. They will only bring you temporary relief until the next “attack” of low back ache, or until your doctor will offer surgery as a solution.

The way to get this “alignment” back is Muscle Balance Therapy.

This is how this treatment works:

  1. You are given the tools to self assess all the muscles that affect the stability of your spine, pelvis and hips – Their strength and flexibility.
  2. The system uses both visual and physical assessments to insure accuracy. At the end of this stage you will prove to yourself that you do have imbalances and postural dysfunctions. In short, you will find the ROOT cause of your pain.
  3.  The results of this assessment is used to design a specific program of corrective exercises – Tailored exactly for you.
  4. You follow these exercises and get your back into proper balance again. You will have to commit to doing the exercises that are required. But, isn’t that better than facing surgery or potentially becoming addicted to pain killers?

Need some more details? Check this out now.

 Does it Actually Work?

I can’t say that this will work for every one. For instance, it’s not relevant for lower back pain caused by an injury, because it has nothing to do with muscle imbalances, it has to do with trauma. And maybe it will only bring partial relief for really severe cases of pain. But I can say that it definitely worked for my father.

After suffering from a bulging disc for years, he is now pain free. It is a natural and safe treatment, costing a fraction of your long term OTC pain killers and surgeries budget – And in my opinion – Worth every penny.

The Healthy Back Institute’s official website also offers a lot of free information that I recommend you to check out.

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