The Hidden Gems of Cornwall

Cornwall is an exceedingly popular place with UK tourists and international ones alike. However, even in a place with as many attractions as Cornwall has, there are many more places that the masses haven’t discovered yet. Here are a few places that you might not have heard of, but are well worth a visit.

Caerhays Castle

Caerhays Castle is a castellated manor house that overlooks the English Channel. The gardens are home to the largest collection of magnolia trees that are absolutely stunning in spring when they’re in full flower. The castle itself was built around 200 years ago and has made significant contributions to the history of Cornwall itself. The estate includes a chapel and a beach, and as a photogenic beauty spot it is often used for location filming.

The Hurlers

On Minions Moor stand three stone circles known as the Hurlers. The Hurlers were once people but were turned to stone by an unimpressed deity because they were playing a game of hurling. Dated back to the early Bronze Age, they stand in a landscape that contains other standing stones, stone rows, cists and cairns. Their position in relation to the other features in this landscape suggests that there is some significance and it has been suggested that they may have been part of a processional route. There are car parks in Minions village that provide access to the Hurlers.

Golitha Falls

Golitha Falls lies on the river Fowey in a steep wooded valley. The woods are mainly trees of oak, ash and beech and it’s an area that takes you back in time to an age when woodland like this covered the English landscape. The falls drop 90 metres in altitude, so are a spectacular site to behold.

Glory of Glass

The Glory of Glass is an experience that you’ll never forget. Located near Lostwithiel, Wendy Bradbury runs glass infusing classes so you can create decorative wall hangings or plates made from infused glass. The materials, tools and the use of the kiln are all included in the price of £55, and you get to keep the item that you have created.

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