The History of Pearl Jewellery

Pearl Jewellery


Pearls are an extraordinary gem and one of the oldest and most unique forms of jewellery known to man. There are so many different types of pearl jewellery available on the market today but by taking a look back at the history of pearls will showcase just how impressive they are and why they are so valued the world over.

One of the oldest pieces of pearl jewellery still in existence today dates back over 2000 years to the height of the Persian Empire and this is testament to just how long this form of extravagant jewellery has bewitched people. Pearls are, of course, made by a living creature – the oyster – and this increases the interest and desirability of pearl jewellery to such a degree that many pearl earrings, necklaces and pendants sell for thousands of pounds on a regular basis.

Another era in which pearl necklaces and jewellery where highly prized is that of Ancient Rome, where they were seen as the ultimate sign that a person had wealth. It is little surprise that pearls have enjoyed such an enduring popularity as they really are mesmerising and make for some of the most striking and beautiful pieces of jewellery in the world.

Obviously, as pearls come from living creatures, they don’t need to be mined like almost all other precious metals and gems. This doesn’t mean that they have always been easy to come by and affordable. In the 17th Century, for example, access to pearl necklaces and jewellery was severely limited as the seas had been more or less completed removed of all their pearls by the greed of individuals. Today, however, there are methods in place which allows for the easier cultivation pearls and this has made the market much more stable.

It is a precious commodity that comes from all over the world and just a couple of the most popular and sought after types are that of Akoya pearls and Tahitian pearls. These are incredibly striking forms of the jewellery and they often make for the most impressive and eye-catching pieces on the marketplace.

There are also South Sea pearls and Freshwater pearls to consider and when purchasing jewellery of this ilk, it is always a good idea to do a little research online to discover which types of pearl jewellery are available, where they are sourced from and, perhaps most importantly of all, how much they cost.


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