The Holden EH - A Mechanics Dream

It is no secret that Australian classic and muscle cars are the definition of cool. When the Holden EH was introduced to Australia back in 1963, it quickly became the fastest selling car in Australia – of all time. What is it that made this car such a piece of eye candy? Needless to say, the styling was clean, crisp and contemporary. The Holden EH proved a huge hit with Australians who bought them as fast as Holden could make them, more than 250,000 in only its first 18 months on sale.

The EH was clearly a huge improvement of the older brother, Holden EJ. But while there was a definite family resemblance, it was clear to see that the EH was a facelift of the EJ. The new model offered an impressive combination of power, style, refinement as well as value for money. The EH also sported a new range of detailing which included sharp new rooflines and an aesthetic new rear, with some panels remaining untouched. Standard, Special and luxury Premier were the 3 models available that could also be bought as a sedan or wagon.

The stylish new improvements were not just limited to the exterior of the car. The most dramatic and attention seeking feature of the EH was its introduction of the "Red" motor which used an over square design with a seven bearing crankshaft. This Holden motor was a first for the auto world with never seen before features. Features such as hydraulic valve lifters, and the use of an external oil pump and oil filter. Servicing the EH was said to be a mechanics dream. This was the new engine family that would then power Holden for over the next 2 decades.

The brand new ‘red’ six-cylinder motor was silkier and tougher than ever. It gave Holden the performance boost it really needed. At the time Holden was in a losing competition with both the Falcon and Valiant. Falcon and Valiant were both producing even stronger and more powerful engines. This gave them a soft performance edge that appealed to buyers who were enjoying the variety of choice with different makes and models in a rapidly competitive market. Fifty years on and the EH is undoubtedly one of the most fondly remembered of all the Holden cars. The Holden EH is happily known as an icon of Australia and is one of the most popular favorites with today’s classic Holden enthusiasts.

It’s easy to see why the Holden EH is still such a hit not only in Australia, but also internationally. Check out great deals online for theHolden EHready to drive or as a DIY hobby. 

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