The Homeless Sleeping Bag Coat is Catching Attention

PBS News Hour

An innovative hybrid between a sleeping bag and an all-weather jacket designed for homeless people is gaining attention from the fashion world. The best part of this attention is that the for-profit portion of the project is helping fund the creation of the sleeping bag coats for the homeless, making this one of fashion's few situations where everyone involved comes out better. 


A few years ago, Veronika Scott, now 23, set up a coat manufacturing business in a graffiti-covered building in an old Irish manufacturing neighborhood of Detroit. She had a few sewing machines and a drive to help the homeless.

She wanted to make a coat that transforms into a sleeping bag, originally intended just for Detroit's homeless. But when she presented it at Aspen Fashion Week a year ago, some in the audience asked where they could get their own coats. Read More


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