The House of Rémy Martin, Historic Elegance and Tradition

In the 1700’s in the southwest of France, a young local man that spent his childhood and adult life in the vineyards decided to open his own Cognac house. This young gentleman was named Rémy Martin. Little did he know that almost 300 years later, his legacy and name would continue around the world.

The House of Rémy Martin has a long and intricate past. It is the only Cognac house to be founded by a local French winegrower and is still family owned to this day. The Heriard Dubreuil family, who bought the business in 1924, almost 200 years after it was founded, runs the house not only as a business, but also as a way to continue the legacy and craftsmanship of the brand. The house has always been blessed with an eye for quality and the luxury of time, as proven by the intricate Cognac-making process and the patience it takes to produce the spirit; sometimes over 100 years, as in the Louis XIII. 

To really know Rémy Martin and the art of cognac making, one must journey to Cognac in the southwest of France. Cognac today is still a small, quiet town located 250 miles from the Paris and 31 miles from Bordeaux, and it is populated with around 20,000 residents, and miles and miles of vineyards. The vines here produce a white grape called Ugni Blanc, which is dry, thin and high in acid, perfect for Cognac making.

Kimberly Fisher Boone

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