The Icon that is Burt Reynolds' Mustache


Whenever I bring up Burt Reynolds around people who haven't heard of him (they're usually under 25 years old), the first thing I say is, "You know, the actor with the mustache from "Boogie Nights" and they get it right away. His mustache may have evolved over the years but the lip hair is iconic in the movie industry and has been an inspiration for men's grooming for decades.

On his 77th birthday, there are many things we could celebrate about Oscar-winning actor Burt Reynolds. We could celebrate his notable movie roles, which include Jack Horner in “Boogie Nights” and Phil Potter in “Starting Over”; we could celebrate his successful foray into directing; or we could celebrate his short-lived music career. But we decided to honor something about Burt that is almost as iconic as his career (and may take more daily dedication to maintain): his constantly evolving, but ever-fabulous, mustache. Check Out the Photo Gallery

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